Sell a villa in La Marina Urbanisation

Sell a villa in La Marina Urbanization

What to do when selling a villa in La Marina Urbanisation? The first thing: contact a real estate agency in the area where you have good references. For example, in BARCLAYS PROPERTIES we have the best qualified team in La Marina Urbanisation , obtaining the award for “ Real Estate Agents of the Year in Spain ”.

If you have decided to sell a property in La Marina and it is your first time, you should consider the services for sellers of BARCLAYS PROPERTIES . They will help you sell your property quickly, safely and at the best price. When you least expect it, our agent will contact you to give you the good news: Property Sold! To get to this sweet moment, it is necessary to have done a good job previously:

  • Appraise your property at the closest possible market value
  • Arrange the necessary documentation : Energy Certificate, House plans, IBI payment receipt, Simple note, Certificate of habitability, Community Statutes ...
  • Promote your home in the right place and time
  • Respond to inquiries received
  • Manage visits : clean the house, decorate it correctly ( home staging ), a tour of the different rooms, enhance the strengths ...
  • Negotiate with buyers
  • Draft the purchase and sale contracts
  • Sign before the notary
  • Etc.

Find out why now is a good time to Sell a villa in La Marina Urbanisation, Alicante

Why is it a good idea to Sell a villa in La Marina Urbanisation now? Currently, the Costa Blanca is one of the most acclaimed destinations by the British and inhabitants of central and middle Europe. In addition, the single-family home model with pool, garden and terrace is booming due to the need to enjoy the outdoors, privacy and tranquility.

If you have a property in La Marina Urbanisation that meets these characteristics, you will have a much better chance of selling your house. The attractiveness of the area, a short distance from the sea, golf and tourist cities , is also another reason why your potential buyers might decide on your beautiful property. As local experts, we know the area very well and we can help you enhance the strengths of your home.

Foreign pensioners are looking for a sunny refuge where they can enjoy the beach, leisure and tranquility . Surely, your property is among the preferences of many buyers. Why not offer them the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the Costa Blanca in exchange for a well-deserved financial reward? A more than fair deal.

Do you want to have everything under control when selling a villa in La Marina Urbanisation? Choose BARCLAYS PROPERTIES

If you want to forget about the problems and not feel overwhelmed when it comes to selling a villa in La Marina Urbanisation , trust an award-winning real estate agent like BARCLAYS PROPERTIES. You will have everything under control.

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Sell a villa in La Marina Urbanization

Selling a villa in La Marina Urbanization, a town in San Fulgencio, will bring you great benefits that will make you lead a more peaceful life with fewer burdens in your day-to-day life. In fact, the homes in this urbanization are in high demand by foreign tourists, who come to Spain to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

As if that were not enough, the value of having a home in this incredible urbanization is very high, since the tranquility of the environment and the humble neighborhood that it has are strong characteristics that make the homes in La Marina Urbanization more attractive.

And it is that, having a large villa , with or without a swimming pool, and located in La Marina Urbanization, implies being in a strategic area to be able to visit the entire Costa Blanca when you most prefer, since it has in its proximity places such as Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, Guardamar del Segura, Elche or Alicante.

Undoubtedly, putting your villa in La Marina up for sale will be a great opportunity for you, especially to take advantage of a second or third home that you no longer use, freeing you from the laborious tasks of having an unusable residence.

Why do you have to Sell a Villa in La Marina Urbanization with our real estate agents?

Do you want to Sell a Villa in La Marina Urbanization? The main problem that people encounter when selling a home is the immense amount of paperwork and procedures that must be carried out , as well as obtaining legal advice to be able to make a legal and safe purchase contract.

In addition, nothing ensures that your villa, once put up for sale in the wide real estate market, will be sold, much less can you ensure that you get a fair amount of money for it , since the price you put can always vary. according to market demands.

Our real estate agents, with a lot of experience behind them, will carry out a professional market study dedicated solely to obtaining a fair but profitable valuation for your villa in La Marina Urbanization , making sure you find the exact price so that potential clients agree to buy it and without the ability to minimize it.

And, as if that were not enough, we will always be in contact with you , making sure to carry out the most optimal work so that you are satisfied and happy with the sale of the home.

Selling a Villa in La Marina Urbanization with our real estate agency will save you a lot of time

With Barclays Properties you can Sell a Villa in La Marina Urbanization, a highly attractive place for tourists, with a very good reputation and prestige.

With our 24 years of experience we will take control of your home, we will promote it through various marketing strategies and everyone will be able to see it on our website.

In addition, you will have the confidence to carry out all the procedures with the most famous and popular real estate agents in La Marina , where we have extensive testimonials that guarantee the great work we do every day.

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