Sell a quad property in La Marina Urbanization

Sell a quad property in La Marina urbanization

Do you want to sell a quad property in La Marina urbanization? Don't forget that the first impression is what counts. At BARCLAYS PROPERTIES we will be happy to provide you with some tricks that, throughout our long professional experience , we have found to be very effective in making your home more attractive to potential buyers. We advise you to present your home taking into account:

  • The house must be clean, collected and tidy
  • Remove unnecessary accessories and auxiliary furniture
  • Do not neglect the order in the built-in wardrobes
  • Check that the taps or toilets are not leaking
  • Reset burnt out bulbs
  • Check that the doorbell works and remove the doormat if it is old

In addition to keeping the house clean, it is convenient that you remove personal belongings such as photographs of the family, toiletries, kitchen towels, etc. Surely the possible interested party wants to check the breadth of the built-in wardrobes , keep them in order so that they have a good effect. It is also convenient that you remove some auxiliary furniture so that the house offers a feeling of spaciousness . It is very important to show the luminosity that your property has , so you must raise the blinds and turn on the lights. Review previously that all the bulbs work. It is very unpleasant to observe a dripping tap. Avoid that the first impression when arriving at the house is unpleasant when verifying that the doorbell does not work or that the doormat is very damaged.

You will love our exclusivity system to sell a quad property in La Marina urbanization

At BARCLAYS PROPERTIES we have an attractive exclusivity system to sell a quad property in La Marina urbanization. We offer you magnificent conditions that you will not be able to renounce and you will get your home to be sold in a short space of time.

The La Marina urbanization has great interest among the international public due to its excellent climate and its proximity to the beaches, the golf course and Alicante Airport. If you want to sell your house fast, we offer you an innovative international marketing strategy so that the property has the greatest exposure both nationally and in other countries.

We have a varied portfolio of homes among which we highlight: quad, apartments, townhouses, independent chalets, semi-detached houses, land, farms, ... since we are specialized in the sale of new construction and resale properties in the La Marina Urbanization, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Ciudad Quesada, Benijófar, etc.

Do you have questions to sell a quad property in La Marina urbanization?

If selling a quad property in La Marina urbanization causes you concerns, contact BARCLAYS PROPERTIES and you will see that all are advantages. Our real estate agents speak your language fluently and will explain all the doubts you may have related to the sale of your property on the South Costa Blanca.

To contact us choose any of our options:

  • Email:
  • Phones: +34 966 79 78 85 | +34 676 92 07 52
  • Office: Parque Guadalquivir, 10 - Urbanization La Marina - San Fulgencio (Alicante) - CP 03177

Sell a quad property in La Marina Urbanization

Are you tired of trying to Sell a quad property in La Marina Urbanization on your own?  Put yourself in the hands of our local experts and advisors in La Marina urbanization to apply all their skills, strategies and resources to sell your home quickly.

When choosing an estate agent to help you sell your property you should take into account a series of requirements such as their capacity for commitment, work and promotion of your property, as many agencies do not pay the attention they should to each of their properties for sale. We meet all of these requirements and many more. We are leaders in the area and experts in buying and selling property in La Marina. The best publicity we could have, has been provided to us by our clients through word of mouth. Their rewarding experience has meant that they speak highly of us and we are the highest rated agency in the urbanization.

Let us help you and we will take care of the whole sales process so that you don't have to deal with anything. We are here to help you and offer you a personalised marketing plan according to the needs of your property. Our specialisation in this urbanization has allowed us to gain over time the best possible knowledge of the area and our properties. Don't worry about how long it will take us to sell your property, as the chances of selling it in a short period of time are very high. La Marina is an area with great demand among the international public for its excellent gastronomy, good climate, its proximity to the sea and the golf course.

Reasons to Sell a quad property in La Marina Urbanization with BARCLAYS PROPERTIES

You will start selling a quad property in La Marina Urbanization with us, when you know all the reasons to do so:

  • We value your property free of charge and correctly according to the characteristics of your property and the price of the area.
  • We offer you professional advice and a personalised service
  • We have a deep knowledge of the area and we have received awards as "The Best Estate Agents in Spain".
  • We have the promotional tools to market and sell your home properly.
  • We have a long experience in the sale of properties: 20 years of customer service
  • We will position your property on Google to increase the chances of success.
  • Our real estate agents speak many languages and have strong sales skills to get potential clients.
  • We are the only British agency in La Marina Urbanization.
  • We are a referral point for local residents to buy or sell any property
  • We negotiate the price with the buyer

If you want to Sell a quad property in La Marina Urbanization quickly, contact BARCLAYS PROPERTIES

You have tried to Sell a quad property in La Marina Urbanization and have not achieved any results. So, if you want to successfully sell your holiday home it is best that you rely on our services to eliminate this problem. We have sold and resold many types of properties in and around La Marina Urbanization: flats, villas, quad houses, plots, detached villas, semi-detached houses, semi-detached houses.... Any type of property you have is welcome in our agency.

You can easily contact us by email, by phone +34 966 79 78 85 |+34 676 92 07 52 and from our offices located in Parque Guadalquivir, 10 - Urb. La Marina - San Fulgencio (Alicante) 03177.