Sell a Property in La Marina Urbanisation

Sell a property in La Marina Urbanisation

Choose well with whom to Sell a property in La Marina Urbanisation. It is up to you if you want to sell your house quickly, easily and at the best price or, on the contrary, you prefer to take the trouble to find out about the market and wait for months, or even years, for a good buyer to find you and be interested in your property.

At BARCLAYS PROPERTIES we are the only British real estate agency in the La Marina Urbanisation, in San Fulgencio (Alicante). If you are a British resident in this area or you simply speak English and want to put your property up for sale to return to your country or buy another larger house close to the sea, our bilingual real estate agents will make you feel very comfortable. We speak your same language, we know the British and Spanish markets very well, the bureaucracy, currency exchange and all the legal and financial aspects that must be taken into account for the owner's peace of mind and security.

Any seller in the La Marina Urbanisation area would like to have the advantages offered by BARCLAYS PROPERTIES:

  • Bilingual real estate agents
  • Competitive commission rates - one of the lowest
  • Appraisal of the price of the house as close as possible to the market value
  • Qualified team with high specialization in the local area
  • Personalized service: Close and familiar treatment without interruption
  • More than 20 years of experience in the commercialization and promotion of homes locally, nationally and internationally
  • We invest in the marketing strategies that offer the best results
  • Contract arrangements and legal matters
  • Seller's Guide to Processes and Helpful Hints

How to Sell a property in La Marina Urbanisation if you hardly speak Spanish

What to do to Sell a property in La Marina Urbanisation if you don't speak Spanish? At BARCLAYS PROPERTIES we have a group of qualified real estate agents who speak English natively . Surely, you would prefer to entrust your property to an expert in the area with whom you can communicate fluently than to have to deal with a language that you do not master in a situation as important as that of selling your beloved house in Spain.

The Marina Urbanisation is the retreat dreamed of by many Brits, Germans, Swedes and Europeans from central and middle Europe . We can reach people who are looking for a house of your characteristics right now in this sought after urbanisation , just 10 minutes by car from the coast.

Are you English and want to Sell a property in La Marina Urbanisation with complete peace of mind? Contact BARCLAYS PROPERTIES

If you are looking for professional help to Sell a property in La Marina Urbanisation without the language barrier, contact our lifelong British estate agents . There is nothing better than feeling at home.

It is always a good time to talk to our agents and start working on finding interested buyers. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will sell your property.


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