Sell a detached villa in La Marina Urbanisation

Sell a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization

How much does it cost to sell a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization? As in any real estate transaction in the country, you must pay the IRPF, the capital gain and the commission of the real estate agency. This is one of the most delicate aspects for sellers and where we will stop: Selling with or without an estate agent?

If you are able to formalise the documents, carry out a market study, set the right price for the property, create an attractive advert, promote your property with a well thought out marketing plan, prepare the house for viewings, keep track of the calls... you would be an excellent real estate agent! Without professional help, you will hardly be able to meet your sales targets. It is clear that the advantages of selling with a professional estate agent like BARCLAYS PROPERTIES are much greater than doing it on your own:

  • TRANQUILITY. You will have the peace of mind that the whole process is being managed by professionals who are familiar with the Spanish real estate sector and know what to do at all times.
  • SECURITY. You will avoid legal problems as you will have complied strictly with the country's regulations.
  • SAVING TIME AND EFFORT. You will save time in making a market study, marketing plan, informing yourself about the necessary legal documents, receiving visits, calls, etc. as a real estate agent will take care of everything.
  • CONCILIATION. You will be able to spend your free time with your family, friends and leisure instead of spending your nights trying to get a buyer to contact you. After eight hours of work, the last thing you want to do is sit in front of your computer trying to find a way for buyers to contact you to buy your property. It can be frustrating to see your efforts come to nothing. 

How to sell a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization if you don't speak Spanish

Are you a British resident on the Costa Blanca and want to sell a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization? We are the only British estate agent in the area that can provide you with a full service in your own language. We pride ourselves on having a competent, talented and skilled team to sell your property in the shortest possible time.

Visit us at CALLE PARQUE GUADALQUIVIR NUM 10, URB. LA MARINA, SAN FULGENCIO, ALICANTE 03177, meet our friendly staff and you will see that everything they say about us is true:

  • Leading estate agent in La Marina Urbanization
  • Low commission real estate agency
  • Top rated estate agents in La Marina Urbanization
  • A reference for European buyers and sellers
    Close and familiar team
  • High quality services
  • Personal attention at all times

With BARCLAYS PROPERTIES you will have more chances to Sell a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization

Did you know that with our real estate agency you will increase the chances of selling a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization? Sell at the best market price with the help of our professionals. We carry out accurate valuations so that the value of your property is not a disadvantage, but an advantage from which you can make the most of. To check it, you only have to contact us:

  • Office phone: +34 966 79 78 85
  • Mobile: +34 676 92 07 52
  • Email:

Sell a Detached Villa in La Marina Urbanization

San Fulgencio is one of those places where tourists go to spend their summer vacations due to the tranquility that the environment offers , being the ideal place to Sell a Detached Villa in La Marina Urbanization.

Having a property in San Fulgencio, near Orihuela Costa, and in the middle of the Costa Blanca Alicante, is a great opportunity to get an economic return on said home, since foreign tourists are eager to buy villas for sale in La Marina Urbanization .

Why would a tourist agree to buy a villa in this small development? Honestly, foreign people who want to live in Spain will always look for homes that have everything around them , and we are not just talking about the beach.

For this reason, La Marina Urbanization is located in the heart of the province of Alicante , with Santa Pola beach, La Mata beach or La Roqueta beach in Guardamar del Segura just a few minutes away.

In addition, the urbanization of La Marina has a very good reputation and is of high prestige , the value that this implies for a tourist or any potential buyer is immense. In fact, this urbanization has had such a rapid growth that it has managed to surpass the population of the same town where it is located, being a sign of the great interest that there is in its homes .

Why should you Sell a Detached Villa in La Marina Urbanization with our real estate agency?

At Barclays Properties we are experts in streamlining sales contracts when Selling a Detached Villa in La Marina Urbanization, where we do exceptional work and provide security to clients who decide to sell their homes with us.

In addition, the main reason to sell your villa with our real estate agency will be to save you a lot of time , as well as not having to put up with headaches related to all the chaos of procedures and requirements that are needed at the time of putting it up for sale.

And it is that, putting a home for sale is a very laborious job that involves doing a lot of paperwork, something that will take time away from doing other things, and the most advantageous option you can take will be relegating this to us.

As if that were not enough, we will always get you the highest possible market price , and we will do everything in our power to make the sale of your home very profitable. We will only have to put it up for sale on our internet website and thousands of people will be able to see it, consult it and get information in no time.

We take away the problems when selling a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization

Selling a detached villa in La Marina Urbanization with Barclays Properties will mean that you only have to exchange conversations with a person from our real estate agency, whom you can contact by instant messaging and ask any doubts or questions you may have.

In addition, we will always offer you the closest treatment possible , as well as specialized services and advice in different languages so that you have a unique experience.

  • Telephone: +34 676 92 07 52
  • Mobile: +34 966 79 78 85
  • Email:
  • Address: Guadalquivir Park Num 10, Urb. La Marina, San Fulgencio, Alicante 03177