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Properties for sale in La Marina urbanization

If you are thinking of buying a property in Alicante, let us show you everything we can offer you. First of all, ask yourself this question: What is the best area to find a property for sale in alicante?

Since the 80s, the urbanization of La Marina is one of the points of interest best valued by vacationers from Northern Europe. The area has a warm and privileged atmosphere, in addition to a wonderful social life. From Barclays Properties we want you to discover our selection of homes to help you to find the best property for sale near alicante. A place, which has other necessary services both for long holiday periods, and to become a place to reside permanently. Moving to the Costa Blanca, where living a second youth is no longer a dream, if not something available to everyone.

In our area, we have a range of services and infrastructures of the highest level, such as:

· Alicante International Airport
· Several of the best golf courses
· Hundreds of kilometers of wonderful beaches
· Cities with a high historical heritage: Elche, Alicante, Guardamar ...

The Costa Blanca is excellently communicated with the rest of Europe from the Alicante airport. Renowned Low Cost companies operate the same and offer travelers flights at very low prices.

Just 3 kilometers from our urbanization, Golf lovers can enjoy one of the best courses in the region. The famous and several times laureate "La Marquesa" Golf Club, located in Ciudad Quesada. A complete facilities with 18 holes to enjoy in the company of your friends during the cozy mild mornings of the Spanish winter, with temperatures between 18 and 23 degrees.

Less than 5 minutes by car, you will be surprised by the extensive beaches of La Marina and Guardamar. And the best, forget about the crowds and problems to park your vehicle, since it is virgin beaches, where there is no phenomenon of overcrowding. Unique environments to enjoy. In its waters you can practice your favorite water sports, specifically sailing or kite-surfing, currently in fashion. For these reasons the urbanization of La Marina is the best place in Alicante if you are thinking of buying a property in alicante.

Main reasons to buy a property for sale in La Marina urbanization

Most people dream of living in a heavenly place. However, to live in these places and lead that lifestyle you need to have a lot of money, so in most cases it is still just a dream. Many times we leave our skin working every day to only pay for the most basic things and make ends meet, without being able to avoid thinking that surely there is a better way of doing things or a better place for us.

You don't have to go far. Did you know about places in Spain that are part of the ranking of the 10 cities in the world in which it is possible to enjoy a quiet life, with everything you need and without needing to be rich? One of them is La Marina, in the south of Alicante. If we compare it with the cost of living in any European city like London or Paris, here the cost is very low and the quality of life is very high. Think about it well: in La Marina it is possible to reach the end of the month, save and even start that business that you have been thinking about for so long and that you have been parking for having to work so hard to maintain your standard of living.

La Marina, in the south of Alicante is a beautiful coastal town located on the Costa Blanca. A town that has managed to preserve its beauty and quality of life despite tourism and modern life, where its inhabitants enjoy a simple and peaceful life. Known throughout the world for the benefits of its climate, for its exquisite gastronomy, for its impressive monumental and cultural wealth, and for its wide variety of leisure activities. A place with less pollution, more sun, sea air and an orange blossom smell. Its beaches are unmatched and the atmosphere of its old town is impressive, with very open and friendly people. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of properties for sale in La Marina Urbanization to establish yourself in it.

1. An enviable climate with 300 sunny days a year: La Marina has unmatched characteristics. Its sun and beach conditions make the city have a very special light and color. It has a temperate climate with dry summers, which makes it ideal for enjoying the beach and outdoor sports. According to the WHO, one of the healthiest climates, with average temperatures of 18 degrees. In addition, it only rains about 20 days a year and the protection of the mountains and their proximity to the sea makes winters very mild.

2. A great patrimonial wealth: The south of Alicante is a reflection of all the cultures and peoples that have settled in the area over the centuries, such as Iberians, Romans and Arabs, who have left the towns with an impressive architectural and artistic heritage.

3. Beaches, coves and natural landscapes of incomparable beauty: La Marina has a large coastal strip of very wide, shallow beaches with crystal clear waters. Not surprisingly, the province is the one with the most awarded beaches with the Blue Flag distinction for its safety, the quality of its waters and its wide range of services. In addition, in the surroundings, the town has a good number of natural parks, valleys and mountain areas, making it one of the most biodiverse regions in all of Spain.

4. Traditions and festivals of international importance: The south of Alicante is also a land rich in traditions and popular festivals, the most important being that of the Bonfires of San Juan, when numerous theatrical, musical, sports and fireworks shows are organized. But the traditional Moors and Christians festivals are also very fun.

Some tips for buying a property in Alicante

1- An effective way to start buying a property in Alicante is to hire a real estate agent, like Barclays Properties, to help you find and choose the perfect property in Alicante, a move that will save time and money.

2- It is also highly recommended to appoint a local solicitor to perform advisory functions on the purchase and to verify the legal capacity of the seller, property developers and other intermediaries.

3- In turn, the study of the property in Alicante and the negotiation of the terms of the contract is an important step that the purchasing party must carry out. For example, it is important that you verify that the surface and property are reflected in the Property Registry.

4- Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable for the buyer to open a bank account in Spain, since this will facilitate the payment of taxes and all those related to the process of buying and selling a property in Alicante.

5- Another recommended aspect is to carry out the Property Registry, since it provides a great legal security when buying property in alicante.

6- Other important aspects to take into account are the taxes that will be due for whether or not to reside in Spain and the conditions of the mortgages for foreigners in Spain.

What properties for sale in La Marina urbanization do you like?

In Barclays Properties we offer you an extensive catalog of properties for sale in La Marina urbanization, with prices for all economies. You just have to contact us to help you select the home that best suits your wishes. In addition, our team will advise you throughout the purchase process so you will not have to worry about anything.

As you can see, we have homes for sale in the urbanization of La Marina of all kinds. Apartments, bungalows, chalets, townhouses ... All thinking so that you find the one you like best. But if your desire is a custom house, we also have a selection of land for sale, where you can build the house of your dreams to your liking.

Do you want take a look to our properties for sale in La Marina urbanization?

Do not miss this opportunity. If you are interested in any of our properties for sale in La Marina urbanization, contact us. Our staff will accompany you throughout the purchase process, explaining everything you need to make the best decision. Our team is multilingual, with more than 5 languages, and will always be willing to help you. You just have to read the testimonies of the people who have trusted in us.

To get in touch with us, you just have to fill in the form you will find on our website or send an email to sales@barclaysproperties.com

If you prefer, you can visit us at our offices:

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